So I’ve read that some of you say get to floor 100 quick cuz better drops are after it I’m a new but I’ve been playing on mythic3 thinking it would give better stuff and I’m on floor 75… Should I switch to easy and just blaze through?

You should definitely just switch too easy and blaze through as fast as possible and the floor you want too reach is 500 for drastically better crystal and mythstone drops :smile:


Really disappointed in the game now cuz I flew through a couple levels on easy and still got a lot of gold and seemed like more crystals and stuff and actually leveled a couple times…like twice in 1 level and that seems like I’m being rewarded for playing on easy and I was getting shyt for playing on mythic 3

You absolutely get way more from playing from mythic 3 it’s more of a risk reward calculation early on though playing on harder difficulties is worth way more once you can handle it but before that point you lose so much time and put in so much more effort that it is a waste of time hope that lessens the salt :smile: