Discordance and attack speed

I searched for topics on discordance but didn’t find the answer.

Does discordance get affected by attack speed?
I’m building a pve blinkstrike rogue and want to try increasing how many blinks per second I can do.

I know I can add blinkstrike procs but I am hoping attack speed would work instead. Thanks.

I think reduce cd is better,

attack speed would be a bad choice. CD reduction is better.

Thank you for your answers. Would cd reduction still be better even though discordance makes blinkstrike have approx 1 sec cd? I guess 50% cd reduction would make it a .5 sec cd which accomplishes what I want. Thanks again.

Well, depending on which mainhand and special skill you got…If you have a Quick attack you wont need CD reduction. If you got chakram cd reduc might help a lilltle.

I have quick attack. Blinkstrike becomes fast but I was hoping to make it faster somehow.

then discordance alone will make blinkstrike 0 cooldown ^^

Ah ok thanks for that info. I guess the only way to make it seem faster will be to add blinkstrike procs then.