Discordance and hero points

So with how discordance works would you put points in quick attack instead of Blinkstrike or does that stuff not flip with discord?

Put the points what you want to use one

the hero point is not swaped


just happened to notice something regarding this matter:

i believe the gist of the matter the OP was trying to point out is that whenever you add hero points on a skill, they add damage among other things and seeing that discordance swaps damage values among others does that mean that additional damage obtained from blinkstrike would be swapped with additional damage values from quick attack? or does discordance only swap the base values from the weapon itself (if this is the case, does that mean that it ignores affixes like WD+)?

sorry if i’m necroing btw. i thought it be better to just post on an available topic than create another one.