Discordance not appearing to function with Blinkstrike

Hey all, my understanding is discordance would swap the cool down, attack rate, etc (all stats) from the main attack to special attack - however this isn’t happening for me with Blinkstrike. I would believe the cool down would be gone.

Is there something I’m missing?

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Are u tray in game its works for me on my roug :confused:

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Have discordance on my head gear and Obsidian Daggers equipped - no constant Blinkstrike-ing :\

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¿? I try now and works mb its bug on ur game xD

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PL- when you use it, does it allow you to just hold down “Blinkstrike” attack and it keeps bouncing you around everywhere?

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No its like u have 0,55 sec CD but if u max ur basic atk of obsidians its lower like hell but dmg is low too coz u swap dmg and cd soo its not so good to use it xD

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Blinkstrike has an internal cooldown of 0.5 sec for preventing being “op” :slight_smile:


:frowning: dang

I found what was causing my problem and I wonder if anybody could test this on their builds –

I put BloodMagic on my OH (vial). While that is equipped, discordance is not working. Is discordance flagged like a resource Mythic??

discordance and blood magic is both resource affix, they wont work together, only bloodmagic will work,

Surprising and interesting, thank you