[DISCUSSION] Have google crawl the forums

Yes, not really related to the development of DQ, but the search functions of most forum software isn’t great. However, using google with “mythstone level site:shinyboxgames.com” would make searches more productive. It doesn’t appear that Google crawls here. I googled for “[Opinion wanted] Mythics don’t interest you?” and got no hits (just to make sure that the site: syntax wasn’t wrong).

Since lots of people complaint about forum search function not very helpful. I think Google’s Custom Search Engine should be embed to make it easier for searching.

Edit: Anyway, I think this should be move to public forum :smile:

I think the only problem with the forum’s own (advanced) search feature is that it omits short words, like “pet”. Using Google’s custom search engine is a great idea, though letting them crawl around here in our midst might not be bad from a PR/advertisement perspective, either. :smile:

I second this. Most words you search for is either too common or too short. That kinda screws things up.

Indeed. Phrases like crystal, or crystal affix, or even crystal enchanting returns 0 results. So the guy that just asked about that and was linked the search page and had his thread locked is gonna be SOL, come back and ask again somewhere else. Not cool. Obviously the search function is so terrible at searching that this thread now exists.

In short, +1 to this.