[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers


Yeah your fine, and I’m not a complete noob just I don’t play a ton on my phone anymore


An edited weapon.


@Badass Fabled Blade can be edit you can craft it


Yep, I just confirmed it now. My mistake. Sorry heavensent


Arena id : QUICKIAM


This item is obtainable.


Hey guys i just want to report this. This user was editing his own sets. I hope you resolve this kind of mod. Thank you for your response. :slight_smile:


Another modified items that I’ve encountered today. Eternal SDSins with crystal affix how rude. Tsss. I’m hoping Dev. Team should fix this. Thank you.


Modified eternals


More modified eternals


@Dakotah2468 your posts were address
@Badass your posts were addressed
@dale, your posts were addressed
@bigL, your posts were addressed




Currently this hacker is sat at no.1 eternal and you are forced to forfeit the match as their is nobody to fight. A little bit of a game breaking hack that needs attending to quite quickly or else the top/most active pvpers are not going to be able to play.






That character has been dealt with. Shouldn’t be an issue any longer.


Holy moly that was quick, I was still deciding wether to have another corona or go to sleep. More corona and DQ it is then :grinning::+1:


a Corona :beer: does sound good…perhaps it is Miller time :clock5:


Same character (DEMI.GODS) back in arena without toon to fight. Having to forfeit because no one is there to fight. My screen shots are identical to @Dweller1987

If you look this character on the arena leader board, it messes up your start up screen background.