[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers

Tumahimik kayo dito pa kayo nag aaway wag nyong gawing kahiyahiya MgA sarili nyo.

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do not (away) here :heart_eyes: world peace

That account has already been reviewed on my end.

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Cheezuz and crusts.

Dunno if this dude is legit but the fight was real. :joy:

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Lol. If that is aimed at my post, it wasn’t intended as a report. But thank you, your diligence to maintaining a fair game is appreciated. :joy:

Fake Alert!

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The bow element is wrong. It should be ice and the affix “shock DMG %” also is wrong it should be “ice DMG %”. I think its legit but the picture don’t show the electric element in the bow instead show an bow without element, maybe a glitch or its a edited one. Really i don’t know its way to bizarre :confused:

Actually calcite can be used on eternals! It’s not edited!

Noob report. Tssssss👎


I don’t think so. Looking at the opponent damage and HP it’s a very good report. Thanks for sharing your unsupportive and poor opinion @Sachzna_Laparan


Maybe he change equip so that the stats is very low ?

Haha. I’ve said it earlier

dont report for a simple thing. I hate those reporters here for a non sense post/screenshot. Btw i dont mad .

Your funny. :joy::joy::joy:

I can post those things, I have the freedom to do so. Unless I’ve offended someone or put some images that can shame anyone.

What I post is basically for clarification purposes.

hey i didn’t know that you can use calcite on eternal :confused: But it also change the affixes??

Ok mate :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, that is, for instance “immolate” may become “toxic”.

If I don’t forget anything, on eternals only Beryl,
Citrine, Calcite and Jasper may be used (changing both element and class type for all affixes), plus Topaz on Mythical set after freeing affix slots by adding mythic affix.