[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers

Can you not perform a character file wide search of common ‘hacking’ trends? Unobtainable affixes on pets, etc.

I’m aware you can’t view files on the client, but those who backup their hacked files would be susceptible.

Is it right ? The first 3 in the league are hackers, and there’s already a time they are

welcome to ban league


Tsk tsk

Tsk tsk ???

Is it easy in banned league to go eternal? :joy::joy::joy:

Its people like that presidente guy who made me stop pvping. I actually had to fight that tool over and over again and lost probably over 100 mr pts to him. The system kept recycling him into my match ranking group or whatever its called. It people like him who ruin the whole system and im really surprised they cant stop it. Unforunatly for me and mr scooty and all the other we cant get our pts back


I think PRESIDENTE is a legit player.

The Devs will know when they check the account. Hopefully PRESIDENTE account hasn’t been compromised if a legit player.

I hope the devs will review all account in Eternal League Division 1. From top 1 to 25.

Great idea and request. I believe the Devs conduct periodic checks though.

Hopefully, :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: the devs must check every gear in bag 1 -4, stash 1 -4, premium stash if available. Most important the perfect eternal pet :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I really do not understand why so many hackers? I’m in a forbidden league? What is a forbidden league? help :frowning:


your in the banned league mate.


That is a very nice suggestion but I’m not sure how much time it would take the devs to manually review every item for every character under each IGN in the top 25. For bags 1-4 that is 80 potential items. There are six additional bags with a potential of 120 more items to review (4 stash and 2 premium stash). That would be up to 200 items to review for one character. Most players have at least two characters, which could be 280 items to review. When you are personally reviewing players gear after a match (if you can see the gear) it would take about 30 seconds to review (without using codex to reference some gear or having to keep track of all the legacy gear). The conditions above would mean it could take 30sec*200 items or 6000 seconds which would become 100 minutes or almost two hours for the simple scenario above. Many people have 2+ characters. Now take the 100 minutes x top 25 and you get 2500 minutes. That is about 42 hours of effort. That would be the equivalent of someones full time job to only review gear every week.

It would also be a huge undertaking (at Dungeon Quest current state) to develop an automated review program. There are so many affixes and combinations possible not to mention legacy gear etc. There could also be issues if deployed - say for instance you are 100% legit player and there is a lookup issue and then you are in the banned league. Would you be happy if that happened? For legit players it could make them go elsewhere.

I am hoping they will develop something for Dungeon Quest 2 that is automated and easy to maintain. I think your suggestion is awesome so please do not think I was trying say otherwise.

I have probably played ~20k arena matches since they released the battle arena. I have lost many many many matches to cheaters and it’s very disappointing. However, the devs are doing a very good job addressing each cheater that is reported.

I’m Brazilian and it’s very difficult to use the translator. Sometimes he translates what he wants to translate, so I want to know what is a forbidden league? And how can I identify myself? How to get out and go to the original?

Forbidden league is a separate league that people who have been reported (or some other method) as having cheated or hacked items. I’m sure you can get back into the original league if you have been mistakenly placed in the forbidden league by contacting support and having them do a review of your account to make sure that there are no hacked items.

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