[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers


Idont know what is gob


Thank you :slight_smile:
I just want to know why I got banned,the game cheating check is intersting.I paid about 1500 JPY in this game,but banned because of failing purchase.What a joke,I should be banned when I first enter arena.


you know,God of Banned :grin:



flag attack


Hahahahhah lets play tetris dud much better :joy::smile:




Could you contact GM?@tdaniel looks busy,I haven’t been back for 12 hours.
Maybe you still regard me as cheater like Gob :sob:



I have the same issue, I think he’s on a trip, his last reply said he’ll have a look at it when he gets back…that was 3 days ago.


you can DM (direct message) him here in forums or contact support


Yeah PM him by inviting him with the message button to tell him directly about your issue. When he gets the chance to reply, I’m sure he’ll help you a lot. :slight_smile: .


I have E-mail to support@shinyboxgames.com


Intersting issue…


Direct message him, tyhat would be better. Just in case you cant find how


Interesting may I know where you get this info?


Yup, got all of your DM’s and replied to them as well. If you still have issues please let me know!


You still in ban league,Why failed come back?

No record…What the hell :scream:

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hi mr.tdaniel can you check my account im spamming email in support@shinyboxgames.com no one reply can you please see your inbox. thanks


I got your emails and thought I responded to you dm.

will double check