I hope there are new pets that can be purchased by the game coins :smiley:

Yes we plan on having pets you can buy with gold as well!!

how the pets will work ?

Your pet will follow you around, look cool/cute, and possibly give you an extra bonus, to be determined. :smile:

Maybe they can collect gold and items too… ? :smile:

That’s definitely a possibility :smile:

They should be able to join in on attacks, like minions.

Pet ideas:
Dragon - fire attack
Basilisk - cold attack
Manticore - poison attack

Mountable pets would be cool too. :smile:

ha! Riding around the level on the back of a big lizard that turns enemies to stone (ie the Basilisk). That DOES sound super awesome but I don’t think we are going to be able to have them as mounts…totally fantastic idea though :smile:

I really like the stats and loot ideas
Movespeed pet pls :wink:

pets, which can carry stuff: so we can kinda “bank” items, we don’t want to lose/accidentally sell from our inventory. or have differents builds saved in the pet’s inventory (like full bloodmage set items, or full mana shield build equipment etc) to swap between different builds.

Quick question,

Since you mentioned the pets being storage of sorts, can you tell me how many bags you have unlocked with your characters? We are talking internally about our bag system, and it would be helpful to hear how you all like the current bag system.

I bought all the bag. the system is simple but nice

The system itself is great but maybe a little to small :smiley:
I have to sell my loot twice a level because i have so many items i dont wanna sell right now
So a bank would play heavenly in my favor x)

You have 4 bags, and they are all full with awesome items? That is a ton of gear!! :smiley:

Well its almost 3bags full of items i dont wanna sell :smiley:
Mainly because im waiting for the reroll bugfix
But 1.5 bags alone full of legendarys x)

There’s a bug with the reroll system? What is it?
Sorry I just started to play the game since v1.3 so I have no idea what it is.

the epic affix cant have more than normal affix when reroll

I see, thank you for your respond :smile:

Yeah, that was an oversight on my part during testing, but we have that fixed already and it will be in the next patch.

Please please please let pets pick up gold and destroy crates etc, because it takes a lot of extra time to do that yourself haha.

Perhaps this feature is only on for real money pets for example.