[DISCUSSION] What do you think about dual-wield weapons?

I’m a really big fan of dual-wield weapon types. I think it’ll be nice if you can combine 2 main-hand weapons with 2 differently elements and do even more damage on enemies/bosses. And of course, I’m expecting a new skill system for this.

So, tell me what do you think about this idea :smile:

100% agree. I’d be willing to sacrifice defense for offense. And this is awesome in other games!

I feel it being a very viable option for the upcoming class. I like the idea of dual wielding weapons, however, I can’t see all three classes having this option. Maybe instead of dual-wielding ANY weapon, we could make it only certain ones for certain classes, which I feel would be a much better option. ie a wizard would be able to wield two wands, but not two swords or two staves(they seem too large for a spellcaster to me), and a warrior able to dual wield any two warrior weapons(for a price of lowered off-hand damage of normally main-hand weapons). Until we know the weapons chosen for Assassins, I can’t really make suggestions for them, but I would be okay if this were limited to their class, with the possibility of ALL of their weapons being available for each slot. Making it class-specific feels to me like it would aid some of the veteran players to purchase additional save slots to create the new class, or forfeit their current preference in the joy of having this newly found option, which would in turn reveal bugs/balance issues faster for the new class.

In short: H*** yes I want it, and I would be comfortable playing it any of the ways listed above.

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I like the idea of dual-wield as well.

Assuming that the next class will be an assassin/ninja of some sort, this would work very well with this class.

However, I would limit dual-wield weapons only to that new class. Personally, I do not think we need to have wizards with two wands, or warriors with two swords. Giving the other classes dual-wield would make the new class less unique.

Would be an awesome idea! Player’s stuffs would be more diversifiates