Divination Heroic Point

Guys i just got this Divination on my warrior about 3 weeks from now but when i apply it with Jasper to Wizard class, Is it possible that the heroic skill Torrent will be changed ?or Some just kind of bug ?

It vhanges from torrent to skulldraga and to sentry bc of jasper’s intended purpose.

It changes all skills(skill points too) and talents appropriate to the desired class

But sometimes it remains the heroic point torrent. But… OKAY .

What i need to see this

only once i notice also when i jasper it again skill change :grin: so it will not change if it is 1st time to jasper and with 2nd jasper it will change

Eternal divination hero points for torrents do work on torrents at wizard class. The same goes with pets that have epic 10+ or more Torrent affix which could work at any class that uses Torrents which is no wonder why warriors and wizards alike as well as rogues with eternal divination at arena have CV that proc more than usual . Then for warrior , it turns into skulldraga so that means if warrior used one , their skulldraga gets buffed.

Thanks cuzeg. :wink:

You’re welcome. I was meaning to say this yesterday but my sleep got the better of me.