Do our characters get deleted after a patch?

Hello, I think I’m liking the game but just want to confirm before spending a lot of time, do characters get wiped ever? Like I don’t know compability between versions and stuff…

I’m currently playing on bluestacks on my pc with no problem, I can login and upload my account and also pay for the game (paid 99 cents already because adds are annoying xD), so it seems to be working fine. So yeah, any wipes or problems that can happen? Thanks!

We’ll never wipe characters. We have logic now that makes it so you can only play the latest version you’ve ever played, preventing issues from playing a new version and going back.

Huh, that means that if i play on say 1.9, i’ll never be able to update to 2.0 and will stay on 1.9 forever?

I think he means that if you go to version 2.0 you can’t go back to 1.9.
“you can play the latest version you’ve ever played”

Oh thank you that seems much better! I’m liking the game so far, i was searching for a game with little or no p2w, with random affixes on items and this one seems to fit the bill :smiley:

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actually this is one of the best games ever on mobile devices.
for me DQ is way better than Diablo 2.
i’m playing DQ ~1 year or so every fkng day. :smile:
spent on it 15$ i think, and ready for more!
thank you developers, seriously.

Yeah i’ve been looking so hard for a good game that i can play for long periods of time!

I’ll be thanking devs by giving them money if I keep enjoying the game, and possibly with suggestions when I get more familiar after playing for a while.

your welcome, man!