Do you believe the offense statpage?

There is an inconsistency currently with it. It is not matching with the written dps formula in codex. The difference is with the expression multiplied by the (1+ed%)

Accdg to codex it is (25pow+bwd(1+wiq)(1+wd%)+wd+)
The offense stat page uses this one
I was trying to calculate my dmg per hit and i was getting different values. So i change the formulas a bit and now get correct ones. My formula now matches everything written in stat offense page

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nice calculation

All damage varies by +/- 25%. WD% does not affect WD+. If it does then it is a bug. I’ll look into this.

The stat page includes DMG boosts from other effects as well, like Momentum and etc.

Everything is as stated in the Dictionary, I have no idea where you are getting your numbers frog.

im too lazy to post the build where i saw the inconsistency

however there is a build i posted 4days ago, and i will use it now to calculate and you will see that there is a mistake.
here is the post with pictures. New player
i am calculating the dmg per hit
codex: (25pow + bwd(1+wiq)(1+wd%) + wd+)(1+ed%) + ed+
bwd for gauntlets lvl 100 is 6240-10400 which is 8320 avg
so bwd = 8320
power = 5
wiq = 0.08
wd% = 0.8 from focus talent lvl 40
wd+ = 4579
ed% = .05 from the necklace cuz it has a element nature
ed+ = 2946+4802+4604+4530 = 16882
modifiers = 21.45243 = 34.848
2 from empower 40 (+100% dmg)
1.452 from glasscannon (+45.2% dmg)
4 from twister description (400% MH)
3 from twister level 40 (+200% dmg)
so putting in equation, the dmg per hit is
pow + bwd(1+wiq)(1+wd%) + wd+)(1+ed%) + ed+)modifiers
= 1352241.234432
1.49M is written in damage per hit
using the other formula
pow + (bwd(1+wiq)+ WD+)
(1+ed%) + ed+)modifiers
1486279.187712 ~1.49M
1.49M is written, matches

it even matches the dmg per second
dmg per hit * attacks per second * avg targets hit * crit boost
attacks per second = 1 cast every 1.2s (spell cooldown 3.00s with 60% cd reduction) = 1/1.2 = 0.8333333 (let’s not round it off like it did on the stat page
avg targets hit = as written
crit boost = 1 + critchancecrit dmg; crit chance is 21.2 and crit dmg is 42.2+50base
crit boost = 1 + 0.212
0.922 = 1.19546
dmg per second = dmg per hit * attacks per second * avg targets hit * crit boost
= 1486279.187712 * (1/1.2) * 4 * 1.19546
= 5922624.39247
5.92M as written

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Thank you for your detailed report! I found the source of the problem. Focus is not working as intended and is affecting all of WD instead of just BWD.

My jealousy for wiz talents never stops. XD

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Yes wd% does effect wd. I have 5000 wd. If I have 100k wd, it turns into 10000 wd. Then it is split into the 37.5%:62.5% ratio but I think it might be to do with WIQ as well.

For eg: my gauntlet has 6240-10400 dmg.

With 100% wd, it turns into 12480-20800 dmg.

If I add 5k wd, it turns into 10000 wd and then is split up by 37.5%:62.5% ratio (this is based off my own experience).

Lower part adds 3750 wd. Upper part adds 6250 wd.

It is now 16,230-27,050. Again based off my own experience.

This doesn’t account for focus wd and power added to bwd and wow because it doesn’t show it on top bar.

If wd stayed at 5000 even with 100% wd.

6240-10400 (normal base dmg without any wd or wd% on gauntlet)

Now it is 12480-20800 with 100% wd.

If I’m adding 5000 wd instead of 10000wd, it will still get effected by 37.5%:62.5% ratio.

Lower part adds 1875. Upper part adds 3750.

If 5k wd isn’t supposed to be multiplied by 100% wd.

Bwd then should appear as 14,335 - 24,550.

How’s these results based on my testing. If 100 %wd isn’t supposed to multiply 5000 wd, then it making 5k wd to 10k wd maybe too good then?

You don’t seem to understand what veries by ±25% means.

5000 = average
Actual range = (50000.75=3750)~(50001.25=6350)

Notice how (3750+6350)/2=5000?

When something varies by a specific range, the notation is ±"variance". Where value-variance=min range and value+variance=max range.

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