Do you think that there are other lifeforms in the universe?

This is a totally off game conversation.But a interesting one. To presume that we are the only intelligent lifeforms in the universe is stupid( We are here!) . Do I believe in UFO sightings ? No ! Do I believe there are other lifeforms in the universe. Yes. Will we ever meet them? Probably not.

they’re probably a lot like the Warrior, Wizard, & Rogue in DQ, and they are so high level, they only see us as a low level dungeon. not really worth visiting. until we level up that is. :alien: :smiling_imp:


The universe is far larger than most people’s imagination. Are we alone? I can’t believe that. There’s just too much opportunity. There’s also just too much space. Everything is just so far away.


Too far away unfortunately.

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Did you know a black hole is a stuck moment in time ? We can never see what comes after the star’s collapse because light cannot rebound and escape from the event horizon (The formation of the black hole ) and so it will never rebound back to an observing eye. Its all Einstein thing which I’m starting to understand. Everything we see is because light bounces off an object and returns back at the speed of light. If you could travel at the the speed of light then time would appear to stand still because you never saw the next image. For example, in old cinema films every image frame was followed by a blank screen to erase the previous image to accept the next image . But in reality when you watched a film then half of the time you was watching a blank screen .