Dodge VS Block: What effect triggers what?

Dodge VS Block

I’m creating another build and I just want to be sure rather than wasting resources.
I have 0% block , 10% dodge and 20 phalanx talent. Whenever I dodged something it triggers
the chance for phalanx and I get Shieldwall. I wonder If it’s meant to be this way.
If so…under the condition that I have 1+% dodge chance and 0% block:
1.will dodge trigger Bulwark?
2.will it trigger Reflect?
3.will i still get damage reduction with Salvation?
4would it be the same for Mythic Mirrored?

thanks for the help. happy gaming

s1. Definitely not. It specifically states otherwise
4. Doesn’t state it works for both?

Phalanx, Bulwark, Reflect and Mirrored all specifically states “block”.
If all these talents should ONLY be triggered by block then i presume
phlanax should be the same too. therefore, it is a bug to trigger phalanx
on a dodged attack

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