Does Crushing Blow hurt enemies?

I would like to know whether crushing blow steals 25% of the enemy life or just heals for that quantity.

It doesn’t steal life or heal, it just deals that much damage.

I can see how the description could lead you to think that though:

Crushing Blow: Chance to take 25% of enemy's Current Health

It deal less dmg to enemies magic rarity and above because of the formula 25%*squared or cubed and over in each rarity I believe. 2
0.25×0.25= 0.0625 . Correct me if I am wrong but I think crushing blow formula for magic and above enemies is 0.25 to the power of enemy rarity. I think squared is magic, cubed is epic and so on.

Yup, that’s right (except you skipped rare :stuck_out_tongue: )

Common  1   .25^1=.25    = 25%
Magic   2   .25^2=.0625  = 6.25%
Rare    3   .25^3=.0156  = 1.56%
Epic    4   .25^4=.0039  = 0.39%
Legend  5   .25^5=.00098 = 0.098%
Mythic  6   .25^6=.00024 = 0.024%

It only does respectable damage to the guys that are already easy to kill…

Unless you are on a high floor like 9000 where it is impossible to kill some enemies without crushing blow and a multiplying dmg such as frosen/plagued to finish off . Did you see that floor 9k video.

This is why hachimon may have crushing blow soon so it can win every floor. It could be good for green garden or such builds too.