Does Crystalline/Mythical affix have any effect on drops from item conversions/completing feats?

snooping around the forums i have found that luck apparently does not boost the quality of CS/MS drops (much to my dismay), however i would like to know: do the affixes (crystalline/mythical) have any effect on the rarity of CS/MS that you get from converting eternal/crystal/regular legends or from completing the feat (converting/salvaging CS/MS)?

All I know is the Crystalline green skill on gear makes it an increased chance to find Crystalline gear.


Crystalline affix only affects the crystal drop.
Mythical affix affects mythic skills.

Completing the feat about mythstones uses and crystal uses can only be completed by converting, salvaging and applying the stones.

It doesn’t affect the rarity of CS/MS from the feats for using them, but it does affect the rarity from the feats for finding them. When you get that big pile of crystals or mythstones, they are affected by Crystalline/Mythical.