Does POWER increases DMG?

First I need to mention that if I am gonna play game I need to understand how games works to very little detail. I am wizard completely new to game. I am starting to understand how my dmg can get insanely bigger with correct talent or wearing gear that boost same type of dmg as ur main weapon.etc still exploring
I am wizard who uses wand (storm) and skull (skull draga, skull shield).
I saw DPS formula. I understand everything except where POWER stat kicks in…
Does POWER even has any effect on DMG OUTPUT ON MOBS (when I use STORM for example)? and How I can see how much is it? Power is not listed in DPS/DMG formula.

Ofc it does

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DPS = ((((BWD * (1 + WD%) * (1 + WIQ)) + WD) * ED%) + ED)

BWD - we see base weapon dmg when we click on weapon from inventory
wd% - something we wear might have this
wiq - i am guessing this is weapon quality. We can see that by clicking weapon from inventory and if I am not wrong there is some crystal/stone or w/e it is called that is used for increasing item quality.
WD - item boost (I think u guyz call it here affex affix or w/e)
ED% - item/talent/nature(not sure yet how to unlock natures yet but I see it is way to make u more op too),/affix i guess
ED - same as above just absoulute value

Now if I am not completely retarded I spent few points on power and I didn’t see any difference in Stats menu that my STORM,skull shield, skulldraga will do more dmg per hit/that DPS will increase.

It says in dictionary that 1 power = 25 base dmg. What base dmg means? base dmg doesn’t appear in DPS/dmg formula? Is base dmg irrelavent for skills? I am totally lost. I hope I didn’t make anyone angry by asking this kind of stupid question.

ps. I hate hack&slash games on PC bcz I lose interest very fast. but for phone I find it more than perfect when I need to kill time when I am not home <3

Simply plz explain how POWER will lead to better dmg (In my brain it’s really hard to understand it bcz I dun see dmg per hit under my skill menu increasing when I spend point on it).

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It’s added just before Elemental Damage is calculated. The dictionary should definitely be updated!

BWD = Basic Weapon DMG
WD% = Weapon DMG% (multiplicative)
WD+ = Weapon DMG+ (addtionnal)
WIQ = Weapon Quality, max is 25%, the highest the strongest (same for armors)
ED% = Elemental DMG% (multiplicative)
ED+ = Elemental DMG+ (addtionnal)

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