Does prismatic change all dmg types?

Ok so I’ve built a powerhouse Reactor Orb wizard, doing great damage now and cruising through the challenge maps on EP8 (although still in the floor 300’s as of this post). As I was unsure even after checking the codex, I wanted to know if prismatic affects damage type AFTER all calculations? Meaning, I have different gear currently each doing damage from different elements, so when prismatic takes effect does it change all damage types to one? Would it be smarter to make them all arcane, cold or electric?

Prismatic, Ascendent and Effective changes your element after the damage formula. So the attack will be just as strong as if the element did not change.

@Clogon ok, but is it better to make all of my gear one element then? Or keep them varied elemental damages per item?

I have different elemental types to take advantage of permafrost, paralyze… etc

You only need to make the gear the same element if they are providing damage/elemental crit chance to the element of your weapon.