Does sword and hatchet skills count as pierce?

Should i put exposed mythic on my chest?

Sword not
Hatchet yes !
That is why assault talent so popular in pvp.
Exposed mythic is very good.

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Thanks! Im trying to make a build in pve heheheh

Sword Special skill can @Mandelbrot .

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Scalp skill can pierce,no mater what weapon/char or some,this is 100%pierceing skill,see codex.
sword cant pierce says primary skill.

Oh sorry for the misunderstanding i though he meant on Sword special skill hahaha.

Sword special skill throwsword cant trigger exposed,enemy will not get “pierced” debuff.Though trowsword can attck multi enemy on way,and codex says “piercing through”.It is different from the 100% piercing chance of scalp.

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Ahhh sorry for bothering now i understood.

Thanks guys!

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Me and Mandelbrot welcomes :slight_smile: :wink:

Throwsword + heroic 20 50% DMG per pierced enemy = OP! Also awesome! I’d love to see a throwsword pierce build and I could end up doing it too.

Or I could end up using throwsword in conjunction with the wizard pierce skill and alchemy occasionally as an option.

Of course Timewarp included too as I think it’s fixed I believe.

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Im trying to build that right now hehehe too bad i still dont have enough crystals…

Also does cosmic orb have pierced debuff?

Yes. Anything that pierced through enemies counts. Cosmic orb, Orb, Throwsword, Pierce, Hatchet, Scalp, Guidedshot , chakram/Whirling Blades .

Exposed also activates if you use Zenith 50% pierce chance or 2× for 100% pierce for any skill that shoots or throws but doesn’t have pierce at default.

The only things with % DMG per pierced which is very powerful are:, Pierce, Throwsword, Chakram, Whirling Blades and Guidedshot and that can be combined with Exposed since you still technically pierced.


Arigato shishio! :joy::joy::blush::blush:

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Hatchet can pierce? All i know is it all just a projectile sad for me :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Throwsword can be pull back by Living Force which is more powerful.