Does the level of an item matter?

Does the level of an item matter in the scheme of things as long as the quality is maxed?

Thanks in advance.

Yes. It adds dmg to a weapon, armor value to an armor piece.

Should have added that it’s a farming question.

I’m making things piecemeal and was wondering

Can’t I increase the level for higher armor and damage later?

Well sure, but higher dmg and armor means you can kill faster and survive higher ep levels. Which also helps when farming. I think boosting ilevel is one of the fastest and easiest ways to boost stats.

Yeah, there’s a crystal… emerald? That’ll raise your item level. Be careful, though, as you cant raise it too high too fast. Theres a cap based on either your char level or floor (probably level). So you cant raise an item to 100100lvl when you’re 10th lvl.

Actually, Peridot raise item’s level. Emerald raise item’s quality :wink:

Sorry for not being specific enough. I’m level 99, and the gear is at least high 80’s. I’m just wondering if I should level last as I think I can get more bang for the buck if I can get a couple of 200 luck pieces and farm quicker with easier maps instead of farming for a few more weeks trying to get enough stones to make everything perfect?