Does this build still works? So here is the build. I just want to know if it still works since it’s quite old.If it doesn’t work anymore I will stop wasting my precious crystals. Thanks in advance!!

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that Build was before Patch 3.0, and the biggest change is that Proc’s share the Cool Down of the Skills. so a Twister Proc has the same Cool Down as the Twister Skill. there is still the % chance to Proc per second, but if a Skill hasn’t finished it’s Cool Down, it doesn’t Proc. Mythic Weapon Skills also have Cool Downs, so having Cool Down on some Builds is a must. the other change is that using Ascendant & Arcanist, you need Weaken to put Arcane Debuff on your enemies instead of Crit Chance. one Crystal +90% Weaken is way better than having to get +60% Crit Chance. and if you just add +10% or more Weaken, every enemy gets Arcane Debuff on them!

if I remember correctly, the Fairy he is using is the one with Ascendant Set on it, even though he didn’t show it. if you don’t have that Fairy, you need to take off the Satyr’s Spirit Set and put Ascendant instead.

you might have to tweak the Build a little to make it work. it looks like this Build was made to farm Very Easy or Easy Difficulty. on higher Difficulties, you would need less Luck & Gold Find to get the Cap, so you could use other Crystal Affixes to beef up the Build. especially since you need at least 1 Crystal Weaken Affix or 3x Epic +30% Weaken.

@Golem I have the pet and changed on of its affixes to weaken 30%.So you are saying that crystal weaken will be better than crystal crit chance ,right?

to use Ascendant & Arcanist Sets, at least one Crystal +90 Weaken is better than Crystal Crit Chance, since it needs Weaken instead of Crit Chance to place Arcane Debuff on an enemy. with the +30% Epic Weaken on your Pet (+120% Weaken total), all your attacks will cause Weaken, which activates the Arcane Debuff. just don’t forget to make your Weapons Arcane Element.

I did a little math recently, and on maps where the enemy is Resistant to your attacks, +200% Weaken is better than +60% Crit Chance with +350% Crit DMG. on maps where the enemies Resistance is Neutral or your attacks are Effective, it is the other way around. if you use both Weaken & Crit Chance with Crit DMG, the DMG goes way up.

here are some numbers using an imaginary Poison Weapon that does 1000 DMG on each of the different maps. max Crit for one, max Weaken for the other, and both together for the last. the numbers are added together for 5 hits, to take into account the 60% Crit Chance. just divide by 5 to get the average DMG per hit.

Crit Chance: Poison - 8500, Fire & Ice - 17,000, Shock - 21,250.

Weaken: Poison - 10,000, Fire & Ice - 15,000, Shock - 16,250.

Both: Poison - 42,500, Fire & Ice - 51,000, Shock - 55,250.

after Patch 3.0, Weaken is more important than Crit Chance in this Build, but adding Crit Chance will give some good spike DMG.

Some of my characters use both weaken via mythstones and critical chance. Is it overkill ?

on lower floors and difficulties, it might be overkill, but for players who want to climb floors as high as they can go, it still might not be enough.

these numbers don’t include Item Quality, WD, ED, Power, Skills, Item Level, or any other way of increasing DMG. I was just interested in comparing Weaken against Crit Chance & DMG, because this Build was made before Patch 3.0

technically, Weaken does a little less DMG over time than Crit Chance when used separately with Prismatic. on the other hand, 100% Weaken means 100% of the enemies get Arcane Debuff, versus 60% chance with Crit Chance before Patch 3.0. if you can, using both is best.

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