Does %weapon base damage increase MH scaling on my heroic skills?

Title. I have a wand with +96% weapon damage. Does that percentage extend to my skills, or is it only basic attacks?

It counts for the skills associated to the weapon, I believe. So for e.g.: axe weapon damage will increase your cleave and whirlwind skills, but not your horns sprint skill.

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It works on the skills associated with the weapon and in your case, your 96% WD will affect barrage and storm on wand. Of course the storm special skill can be changed to other special skills by the Amber crystal but as long as skills are on the weapon with the 96% WD, they’ll be effected.

That 96% WD only applies to wand but not offhand weapons. If you want offhand weapons affected, they also need some WD%. Its the same reason why 5000 WD only works on the specific weapon .

There is a way to affect both weapons though. 100% ED or more. 300% is a good spot to have for ED%. Another way is the 5000 ED . ED appears as Ice DMG, Fire DMG , Poison DMG, Shock DMG and Arcane DMG. There is the 20% ED affix but it’s not worth it until you find a legend 100% ED affix.

Sets can generally also affect both weapons but builds focus on MH skills only, OH skills only, or both in terms of DPS.

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