Doesn't anyone farm anymore?

Where is everyone? This forum needs to step it up!
Look at this cute little useful guy I picked up today.


the Brutality makes it best for Warriors, but the other affixes make it good for any Class using MH Primary Skills or any Farm Builds that need Attack Speed for some reason.


Yes, I use Warrior with Lance and Hatchet.
Charge for quickly moving through the map, and Scalp + Taunt on my Hatchet.

With Eternal Pets you have not much choice but to build around the pet.

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out of the 5 Eternal Pets I’ve found, only one is barely useful in any kind of Build I would be interested in Crafting.

as far as the question you ask at the top, as soon as I finish Ascending my Rogue & Warrior, I plan on making a Farm Team for extra Loot, and making a Climbing Team to climb floors easier. at the moment, I only have a Wizard that is Farming & Floor Climbing Solo. plus, I have a single Wizard, Warrior, & Rogue waiting for Loot to be Crafted into Awesome PVP Gears.