Don't no how I got ethal back

Hi guys was looking at my guys auars and stuff and found I had this back in there I have no clue how I got it

At Eternal League.

it means youre at eternal league

I’m not at the league yet found out that I’m not only one who got it :stuck_out_tongue:

current league please :smiley:

been doing pve mostly will be geting in too pvp soon

that was a bug mythic but you have a eternal back, thats why you dont have the eternal vanity

That’s the league I’m in and still have the ethal back got told by griffin that lot people have it even tho they not in that league

i see how about 2v2?

Only in epic on 2v2 lol

Maybe your IA went till Eternal while u was in PvE and then lost again.

I got it as well and I’m only in mythic

It’s just from playing pvp it’s a bug that sum people get it

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its a bug lol

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