Don't Trust Wizards (Especially If They Are A Hireling)


A couple of Shrine Guardians appeared when I activated a Shrine. I felt that my Wizard Hireling that I have been helping to Ascend would like to deal with them on his own. so as I watched, he deftly took both of them out by Teleporting and casting Twisters, and finishing them off with an Earthquake. While I was admiring his innovative use of magic, a Legendary Shrine Guardian silently appeared behind me and slew me dead, while my Hireling looked on, not helping his benefactor at all. As I lay there on the ground, my vision slowly going dark, I say to myself ‘Why did I trust a Wizard?’.


Never trust a rogue. They go on strike sometimes and watch you getting slaughtered at a safe distance


usually these things happen in the heat of battle, but this one time (actually, right before I went to sleep), had just cleared a bunch of monsters and activated a Shrine. my Hireling had just activated an Earthquake that had killed one of the Shrine Guardians, and I was like thinking,‘Cool Earth…’, when the Legend Monster spawned right behind me, so I had just said ‘…quake’ while the Legend was smacking me upside the head, and ‘BAM!’ I was dead before I could cast Storm. by the time I respawned to teach my killer a difficult lesson, my Hireling had finally defeated the second Guardian. one dead Legend monster and a tough lesson, don’t get distracted by your Hirelings Innovative Fighting Style before the battle is done.




Can you imagine if summons had tempers too :slight_smile:You could summon an army of enemies


well, if your HP and defense is bad enough, when you Summon your Minions, they will take one look at you and say ‘Really?’ and then pound your weakness out of you until they are strong.