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So I’ve been trolling the forums fairly regularly(nearly constantly) for a while now(since I joined) and I have noticed the air is getting quite stale here lately. Is this because you’re all busy with holidays? Maybe you’re too eagerly awaiting the release of 1.4? Maybe you too are trolling, anticipating rebirth of community and death of silence?

Comment below why you think the people of the forum seem less active lately.

Test forum has been really inactive recently, but a lot of that is our fault for slowing down the amount of builds to be tested. Hopefully things pick back up, after we verify the build that was JUST released… and 1.4 actually goes out. :smile:

Yep I was actually laying down for bed… now I’m waiting for the build to push instead. Woot woot 1.4 baby!

Well they’ve tightened a lot of existing bugs while not introducing new ones, so we haven’t really found anything to comment on, I guess.

EDIT: How do I delete posts??? I keep double posting.

I’ve been pulling up the site four or five times a day just to see if 1.4 is out yet - I want my dragon!

P.S. Mountable pets in 1.5. :geek:

Well I don’t mean to bust yo bubble mate, but… pets aren’t in 1.4. Yet. There’s something much more game-changing and awesome, though ;D


1.4. plssssss deliver our pain T.T :smiley:
looking forward!

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So with 1.4 soon to come, I have some great news for you guys. It. Is. Awesome! You guys are in for a great treat. Mad props to the devs.

Thank you leet :smile:

Btw… we just pressed the button, 1.4 is going through the tubes now!

awesome _… have to stay awake the whole night :smiley:… cheers shinybox!

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Can’t wait for it. Good job guys!

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i just downloaded patch 1.4. and my first opinion… the game feels so smooth, unique and liquid .
thank you for this improvement, shinyboxgames! Insomnia… o.o

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Fantastic! We’re so happy/relieved/excited that the Patch is finally out :smile: Thank you guys for waiting!

Meh, yeah ive been busy with work/holiday time.

Btw I’m ready for 1.4.1 information as soon as you guys decide what new content(not saying what it is although I already know… somewhat) you guys are adding to the table(pun intended).