Double luck affixes

I open 69 chests I had saved through the Magic League last night and was upset that I didn’t receive not one Legendary anything. But did come across a dagger with a normal affix of luck at 29.1% of luck and an epic affix of luck at 79.9% so that made it a little better. I equipped it and noticed the the almost 80% luck epic affix was now and empty socket (salt in the no Legend wound). Is this a big or glitch, or a change made with the update? Because I’ve looked for and built double luck equipment since I’ve started. I have had doubles of other affixes to see if it does the same, but I’m still stewing over that one piece that could have made the B.S. pile of 69 chests a little bit better

1 convert your boxes to get higher rarity chests. they give legend or eternal gear 100% of the time depending on rarity.

2 the fact that it got 2 of the same affix is a bug that auto fixes itself.

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Ok, cool. Thanks for taking time to reply. Didn’t know about the bug. Never realized that you can convert chests. Thanks again. :smile:

I am the same, I never realized this either. Dungeon quest really does have a lot to discover and learn! :smile:


You know it. Still trying to figure it all out.

My legend items took all my cash trying to get crystals… Lol only have 200chest can’t do much with them ATM.

Well if u have 400 epic chest and convert to get 1 eternal chest. u will need 15Million gold (total convert cost)

FML… Lol

I dont like converting chests because the legend chest doesnt have much. Maybe i could go for eternal chest but i dont feel like farming and getting 400 epic chrsts and convert to eternal which costs 15 million gold. FML.

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Yea, I noticed I was getting the same legends converting chests as the ones I sell and convert to crystals while farming

You have a chance on getting a gladiator equipment from chest.

Okay, let us assume that you need 400 epic chests to get an eternal chest. If I understand correctly that equals winning in arena 400 times. So you play about 200 min (low guess) = 3 hrs 20 min to get an eternal chest? Wut? Why not just go to floor 301 ep8 and play for 3 hrs and still get an eternal item because they are not that rare…

Do you suggest converting for the Gladiator gear? I haven’t found one yet. I’m in th Legend Arena atm. As far as farming, I’ve found Nadroji armor, both legend and eturnal, the ring, and the hat. And for the arena I built all my own gear. I’m still a “noob” when it comes to understanding some of this, but my gear seems to be working.

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