Can you remove a element from gear/weapons??
I craft Thor legend with 234 defense if i level up will the next craft of Thor legend have more defense??
Is purple gear (with mythic stones) better than green gear (eternal found in the floors)??
Thank you for solve my doubts

eternal items can double affix but cannot be edit

New doubt!! If i turn a legend gear (red) in to a Mythic gear (purple) will an affix double like in the eternal gear??

No, the affixes will not double when going from Legend to Mythic gear. For example, if you have Warrior Mutiny Lance and leave Defiant set plus 100% Fire Damage (ED). Then when you add the four sockets and craft the Mainhand Mythic, the 100% Fire Damage will remain unchanged.

but i can “power” the affix with fluorite right? or will happens the same thing that happens with the eternal gear?

Only on eternal legends , the affixes double. To get perfect rerolls, use Fluorite on one affix each and not diamonds . Diamonds are good for rerolling crystal affixes or legend affixes though .

On mythics, it’s basically the same as not having mythics in terms of affixes but the mythic is a super powerful affix to help you and cannot be removed by Kyanite. You do need 4 sockets to achieve but with the right mythic, they help alot.

New doubt is the AR of legend connected with level of the player?? ex: Thor with 200 will be great if a craft it in a high level like 105

note: I craft it in level 82

AR is basically connected with level of the player yes. Higher AR on gear with players . Maximum level is 99 but gear being level 100.

If your item isn’t an eternal (green item), you can easily level up that level 82 item to level 100 with few clicks using the Peridot Crystal

thank you

Maximum quality is 25% but that gets out to great use at level 100 because you’ll have maximum AR. Level 100 item with AR becomes a really good level 20 arena AR.

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thanks but i have a doubt that’s a little more complicated. I reached the level 99 in easy level if a change to normal what will happen??

Same level 99. You are always level 99 regardless of difficulty level and even if you entered arena and show up as level 20, you are level 99 in campaign. Level 20 in arena is just part of the rules.

but how do i get more stats points? :sob: I can’t keep making my build

Once you are level 99, the stat points are maxed but you can respec it easily. If you ascend your character, youll be level 1 but your gear will be fine. The gear will just move into the inventory assuming your inventory has lots of slots available free and your stat point resets. 103 stat points is fine.

Ascensions give very powerful perks but working hard to get level 99 to work towards the next perk starting from level 1 and levelling gets harder. However with exp gain quest stones, this makes it easy and so does free boosts, enshrined with exp shrines and even hunter.

Dealer most recommended for gold to afford the next acension and probably the fortunate perk next for better loot and even treasured next.


What the hell!! This was legend Aether Spark with 23.6 dps before i turn it in to mythic and now i got this thing!! how do i get something more powerful??
I am using Aether Spark (legend) with 27.8.

Change the Epic affixes to weapon dam, % weapon damage and add a myth stone with 50% WD.

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Already add the myth stone 50% DMG. Next is those affixes. thank you for the info :smiley: