Download DQ account character

I just got a new phone and I tried to download my character save but it doesnt work. I got a complete message but the data was not loaded. For some reason whenever I tried to create a new character, slot 2 was available so I think my data was somehow loaded but not my characters data. The character informatin in the DQ account screen alwas sayed grey even after downloading my character data.
Please help.

Hi there! Sorry for the delayed response, let me see if I can get you some help!

Before you changed phones you uploaded your data to our server correct?
When you got your new phone, do you know if the DQ App versions are the same? The latest version of the app is 1.3.2. Do you have that on your new device?

Thanks, we will get you sorted!!

I just uploaded it again using my old phone then downloaded it again into my new phone… still same issue.
i have done everything using the latest version.
one thing i can think of is to directly copy the save file from my old phone
question is where can i find that?

Save games on droid (at least ours is) are encrypted in the apk folder structure. If you have root access you can back up your save game that way. Can you send an email to I can give you direct support that way and I want to test your account on my end!