Downloading my characters

So I went ahead and decided to have the game on two devices so that while one is changing I can keep playing but why is it that when I download my characters I saw one was only saved to the cloud as a lol 14 so I went to my main device and uploaded them again so I had my current levels but now on the other device it says wait three hours to download them again.

Why is this? I wanted to play my level 21 rogue instead of my wizard it shows that on the cloud now after uploading them from my main device the correct level but why do I have to wait three hours to get my current level character back so I can keep things as close to what they are. Iant this kind of like falling behind in a way why cant I just play for a while then upload them so they have everything I accomplished be up to date why do I need to wait 3 hours just to get them back where they actually are?

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The 3 hours are here to prevent abusing the cloud by using ruby/amethyst/obsidian and download if there isn’t the affix you want.