DPS leaderboard

What causes your DPS and Hero points to increase on the leaderboards??

I’ve been stuck at the same numbers for months now.

I’m not an expert, but any combination of these that raises the damage, or attack speed/cool down, number of attacks, like MA/EAC, Mirror Cast, Elements, hit frequency. also, it is based on your current Main Character you have when you check the leader boards. I think you could make a super DPS build that is only for the Leader Boards, but I don’t have the resources to do that kind of crafting just to be number one on the leader board yet.

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there are also cheaters that took over some of the leaderboards :confused:

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hmm, well, that is true, but if you look lower down the leader boards, you will see numbers that look possible and names that can be trusted and respceted, and that is where I am aiming at.

I’m at 32nd place and my other character is at 91st place for DPS leaderboard.

I just cant seem to do any better.


well, I try not to focus on the leader boards too much, kind of takes away from the fun of the rest of the game. but it does let me know that I can do better when I need to, so I have room to improve and know that I can. I just want to make sure that I am having fun when I do move up the leader boards.