DPS Mechanics?

Just wondering what overall DPS is based on, it seems that weapons with higher attacks per second (i.e. 3.0 attacks per second) benefit more from flat damage affixs (i.e. epic affix 2000 damage), while others tend to benefit more the % to damage, but also, many other things seem to play a role, and +1 to bolt doesn’t seem to add anything to DPS as of right now. I’m sure that’s going to be fixed, but I would like to know how it all is formulated, I’m a math geek, and I’m all about optimizing everything.

Im no math geek and by no means do I know how to number crunch, but if your looking for optimal dps the 3 core stats your looking for are going to be attack speed, crit dmg and crit chance. still havent found all 3 for all my gear, im getting relatively close though and im at 843k dps right now

Attack speed, elemental damage, focus, empower, and plague seem to actually be the best, as + to crit dmg % does nothing to stat page DPS. In practical application though, you can definitely see an effect… I combine the said affixes with luck, and achieve over 1M dps now, but when combined with +50% glass cannon and the shrine, I am fighting for the #1 spot on the leaderboard. Right now, I’m not in the top 10 because I’m using the server save feature to re-roll/re-construct my items to set up for the plague avenue to make greater use of the + to all stats/+to arch mage stats attributes (+4 on arch mage stats = +4 focus/+4 empower, leading to +18% damage)

Edit: After looking closer, I realized that I was wrong, I tested some of the stuff with DPS and realized you had it right. The focus/empower/plague can help boost base damage though, amplifying crit damage and crit chance gains to DPS. With this new info, extremely high DPS may be possible.

A collection of some info I have gotten from Chris(Steigerbox) about dps…

[quote]The weapon plus is added after weapon percent, then after those, elemental percent is calculated, then elemental plus is added.

Element damage is just 1.25x for weak to type, .5 to resistant to type.

Main Total Damage = Base Weapon Damage * any weapon multi mods + any weapons plus mods

Axe Base Damage = 3250
Axe Multi = 2.5
Axe Anim Speed = 40
2 Extra Attack = .75 x

DPS = (Main Total DamageWeapon Multi)(1+Attack Speed/60)(60/Anim Speed)(1+(Critical Chance/100)((Critical Damage+50)/100))(1+Extra Attack)[/quote]

Also, there are caps on some affixes… they are as such:[quote]
60% Attack Speed
300% Crit Dmg
60% Crit Chance
50% Weapon

Element + can get to 3000 total[/quote]

Now that’s been said, the best stats for dps are (as far as I could calculate) attack chance/bolt chance, attack speed, and weapon multipliers( ie % damage, % elemental damage, bm/bk bonus damage, empower, glasscannon, etc.)

Thanks for the info on the caps, the + bolt chance actually causes a decrease in DPS as of right now, and I’m not sure why. Check stat page DPS when you equip a weapon with 40K+ DPS and you’ll notice that the +bolt chance actually subtracts damage from the stat page on overall DPS. I’ve told SeigerBox about it, and he told me the other stuff about the DPS formula, and is trying to get it hashed out with the +bolt chance bug right now.

I tested it with 2 disenchanted gauntlets, and one with only +2 bolt chance on it, which made mainhand DPS go from 677.8K down to 607.2K, a decrease of approximately 13%. I’m not sure if that’s a fixed percent decrease either.

Also one other question regarding caps, is there a cap for Luck? it seems that there is not much difference between 400% luck and 575% luck (I have +50% luck on all 6 items and the +100% luck bonus, max achieved was 750, with the luck boost purchase, along with the +75% shrine boost and all 6 items with +50% along with level 8 difficulty).