DPS PROBLEM? And 4 Questions

Hi forum this is my first post, I want to start by saying this game is truly amazing and I been looking for months for a game that has the true values of a RPG, you guys are nailing it, keep it coming, I’m excited to see what’s .

My questions:
1 when I lvl up and I’m about to put points on strength my current DPS goes up to 60k. As soon as I go to my inventory, and then go back to STATS my DPS is 31k. I will only see it in the 60k range next time I’m lvl up and putting points on strength. Is this a bug?

2 what is D .O. T ? WHAT IS IT FOR?

3 I purchased the dq special package comes with 30 hires, anyone can give me a good explanation on how it works. I currently have only 1 character, also how long the hire lasts(1lvl or until sign out?) does it exp both characters?

4 I’m saving some legendary warrior items so when make a warrior he can have it. Once I save up to purchase a stash will my warrior be able to get the items? (also is there a min lvl required to use items?

Thank you guys

Sounds like it, we’ll look into it!

Stands for Damage Over Time. Whenever you apply poison or fire, it applies a DoT

You need to select your second character, and then select “hire” on the character select menu using one of your scrolls. They share experience and loot whenever they play together!

Yep! :smile:

Thanks for the reply I just want to clarify, on question 3 how long does the scroll last, (1 floor, 1act or until sign out?)

On question 4, a lvl 35 weapon can be wore by a lvl 1 warrior?

Thank you again

You have to re-use a hiring scroll once :

  • your character dies and you leave the game without reviving him before.
  • your character dies and you dies without reviving him before.

Yep, it’s a “bug”, each time you apply stats points (not only in strenght, but in health and mana too), your dps is increased on the page, and goes back normally once you leave the page

Thank you boss

Theres not enough incentive to buy a free hire scroll, unless im not understanding it right. For as much as 10k gold, you get what a free hire does. 10k is nothing ._.

You have to be atleast half the items level to wear it. So, a lvl one can wear level two, and a level fifty can wear level 100.

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