[DQ 2.0] Blightbog Saboteur (Bow) Floor 1394 Mythic 3


I have potentially found a way to multiply your dmg by 5x. Hold on a sec, I’ll post evidence in a sec.


Okay here goes:
I had a total of +4 set affix (so do you on your set), I think this has become a standard for every top-tier set.
So now to the combination:

Druidic (5) gives +125% MP and MP Regeneration and also increases poison Dot dmg by (HP reg + MP reg)/4000 <- This is the important part.

Cosmic power 5 gives 125% MP and MP Reg and more dmg in timewarp, bit that part is not important

I also use blood magic but that doesnt make a difference as far as I can tell
Anyways, I have a crystal MP reg affix that gives 2764 MP reg and a HP reg affix that gives 656 HP reg. For simplicity lets assume that that equals a total of 3400 MP reg.

With that equip I ended up with 21.5k HP reg.
That equals a poison Dot damage increase of almost 550% with only 3400 MP reg on the equip. This should pretty much quintuple your DPS against targets that take little damage from crushing blow and I tested it with random gear!
Also, it is hilarious to watch your health bar go up after taking damage and you can spam your abilities without ever running out of mana.

EDIT: After some tweaking I have gotten to 27.5k HP reg by putting hero points in Intelligence instead of strength. That is approx 550 HP per second in arena. Its funny to watch some lower tier players attacking you and not being able to even get through your regen >.<


How do you change the elemental dmg% of an item?
For example i have an insolence which has ice dmg%, how do i make it poison dmg%? cant seem to do it


use calcite


Oh i see, thanks alot, er now how do i reroll the set of the insolence? must i use kyanite to remove and then add it back using amethyst?


yes, that’s correct.
You might want to see this thread first:


Well… good for you. :grinning:

Basically that’s what Cronos is doing without Blood Magic. Energy is much more superior than Blood Magic.


Can i ask you a questions ? I use so much ruby but element dame % not apprear,any solution for this.Many thanks with the help of you.sorry for my bad english


Truth is, no you won’t ever get elemental damage %. You must start from gear with elemental damage % and customize from there. Defiant OH/Nadroji Robe/Mutiny Gauntlet/Frozen Fate are the only choices you have on this regard.


Oh,i didn’t known it,thanks you


Looking for some critics for my build.

Glasscannon - would 1 suffice? or should i just drop it all together?
Cosmic Power - for the TW procs incorporated on this build
Explosive - again 1, good or drop?
Timewarp proc - 2, 50%
High Voltage - 3 is this enough?
Elemental Crit - 2 or should I just replace this with Paralysis altogether (Paralysis means stun right?)
WD%/+ - on OH for TW
Electrified - I’m planning to put this but, what does this literally do?

Practically, I copied some of the items here in this build. I’m not that fond of the poison element. The reason why I’ll be using shock here.

I currently use my Tink(druidic) for farming purposes, but once I get my Spike(Momentum), I’ll be ditching the momentum from the MH. Any good replacement for that?

So far, I only have the Vacuus. Still missing the Nadroji Robe. Also can I have some suggestions on the base items that indicates (Any).

All suggestions and recommendations will be much appreciated.


your talent.? i cant judge by just at the item affix.


Delete explosive. Also, since your changes do not add any form of DoT, it’s much better to delete elem crit and replace with Stagger and cyan Deadly Strike.

Then later you may want to change to Ice, have one Elem Crit back, and have two of both High Voltage and Frostbiting. Easy 8x damage… mostly. Frozen set too. High APS builds such as these suffer when Elem Crit activates one after another, so slay everything within four seconds :grin:

It’s a potentially good derivative if I say so myself. I’m trying such things with a gun at the moment.


Ambush / Razored / Deadeye - I need suggestions on this one.

I don’t get what you said with regards to High Voltage affected by the Ice element, would you mind elaborating?

I also started crafting my set pieces, so far I got:

Crit DMG
WD% (legend)
High Voltage
TW Proc

Crushing Blow
ED+ (to be changed to WD+ ran out of sapphires)

Momentum (gonna change to Rage, quartz’ed the Rozenzi ring after getting weaken for crystal affix)
Attk spd
Multi attk
TW Proc (I decided to put 4 in replacement with the elem crit)
Elemental Crit (to be changed to ignore resist)

Sanctuary (I decided to change it to this since I’m taking out the elem crit on this build)
Sets + 4
Multi attk
Equality (to be changed to cosmic power)

Anyway, just to clarify things, since I’m taking out elem crits affixes, what is the source of the paralyze status now?


@ocenyx @cronos4321 still waiting for your replies.


i will give my review when i got some lil time to think. and btw ocenyx plan on buffibg your is already enough tho. still, i will give my review lol.


If you cause an elemental ice crit, the target is frozen, so it takes more damage (as frozen targets take more damage, that is the effect of frozen.)


Actually, I know the effect of frozen. I was just asking if freezing an enemy counts as being paralyzed. Coz ocenyx said to retain 2 high volt and 2 frostbiting.


Freezing doesn’t count as paralyzed but I think ocenyx was going with stagger talent for the stuns that affect high voltage.


Um i thought only at floor 200 i can only select at 200 um bug?