Click on the picture to see the build (10 screenshots)

The most important thing is Survival
Survive can someone not visible. Therefore, permastels is the basis of survival:

  • stealth (20 pnt)
  • 2* (+) 5 all skills
  • 2* (+) 5 stealth (MH and OH)
  • dexterity (19 pnt)
  • 45 reduced cd

Power of skills is not enough to cause damage on high floors (IMHO). So poison cloud is our primary weapon.

  • plagued (poison cloud)
  • druidic (+125% mp&hp regen) - multiplicator
  • cosmic power ( +125% mp regen)
  • defiant (+25%dmg)
  • momentum (+50% dmg * move speed %)
  • adventured (+37,5% move speed - >dmg)
    -maelstrom (+37.5% of spell dmg proc)


  • mp & hp regen (20-30K) – more poison dmg
  • 225 crit dmg
  • (+) 100 poison dmg
  • (+) 100 blight
  • (+) Move speed 30
  • (+) 100 glasscannon
  • (+) 50 push the limit
  • (+) 50 proc storm – major damage
  • (+) 50 meteor proc – major damage


  • desperation – forget about Mana
  • brutal – critical dmg*3
    Cosmic orb – MH dmg * 3 (your choice)

The nature of item – the elements

Stats – 299 power


  • 20 straight
  • 19 dexterity
  • 20 intelligent
  • Coat 20 weapon (+10 all skills)
  • 20 stealth (+10 all skills, + 10 stealth affix)

How to play:

  • click stealth
  • go to the enemies and press a coat weapon. Coat weapon triggered meteor/storm proc.
    -clic-click-click coat weapon
    -ended stealth cooldawn – click stealth

Gameplay video [Floor 2012] max damage - 2,38 secs

You can also wear these 2 rings (Click on the picture) or just add +25% meteor/storm proc
You can take any ring, for example the new mage ring with +%ED, and paste your proc. If you choose procs of another class, you will approach the identity instead of the maelstrom

I wouldn’t do this build without a detailed explanation of how the poison works, which I saw from @f00kee and @cronos4321. A big thanks to them for that!


Do you have the why/howthis works? What actually makes it deal the damage?

I would do a description, but it’s hard for me to do it. I do not speak English. Tomorrow I’ll try to make a detailed description


does identity increase damage of proc’ed spells? if it does, then it might work better than maelstrom since your main damage comes from storm and meteor.

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Maybe you’re right, @ilidan371. The options are many. But it’s an eternal ring)

nice build. still has room for improvement ^^

Thank you, @f00kee! You helped me a lot to understand how the poison works

yes, but i’m assuming not everyone has eternal havoc.

You can use these 2 rings or just add +25% proc

I only have a legend ring no eternal hope it wont affect to much to the build

hmm. sprint proc synergizes well with momentum and mayhem. it should work with this build too. :smiley:

Yes! Good idea!

Dat ring! :open_mouth:

With all that mayhem you produce, does your game get laggy?

And can the procs proc all at the same time?

@Riffmaster, watch the video in the first post and see how it works) When I wear the ring Mayhem, the game sometimes get laggy))

This is my early build with the ring Mayhem. Floor 1513 M3


you can still improve the dmg of this build :smiley:
ifyouknowwhataffiximean :smiley:

@Kcellvirus, I’m still experimenting and I have lots of ideas! I’ll try to change defiant to identity. Add move speed. Maybe Mythic Empyrean. But actually I’ve tried all sorts of options. If you have an idea, I’ll be glad to hear it))

Most likely I have already tried that can offer you) Tell me and I’ll tell you why I refused it

Maelstorm or mayhem? seems like they are the same thing.

Maelstrom(5) is a straight +37.5% damage increase to proc spells. Mayhem(5) is a 12.5% per proc spell damage increase to proc spells, plus 10% per proc spell chance to stun. When you have 3 proc spells, they’re the same damage but Mayhem also has the stun chance. If you have 1 or 2, Maelstrom has more damage. If you have more than 3, Mayhem is better in every way.

Why not both,? I mean they are 2 different things and have their own mechanism, different mechanism calculation is by layer. Say he use meteor dealiing 750% damage, with [5] maelstrom, the damage of meteor will be 1031.25%. And let’s say he have 3 unique/different procs if he also have mayhem the damage added to procs spell will be 37.5%, so the meteor damage will be 1417.96%

You could certainly do both in a proc-focused build. @mahout seems to be going for a poison cloud build with some additional procs. Neither Mayhem nor Maelstrom affect poison cloud (from my understanding), so having both would sacrifice some of his giant numbers.