DQ Improvements on iOS for future patch

I would like to suggest some improvements for iDevice due to limited resources to keep the games last long and smoother.

Things to improve:

  1. Graphics; the options to use “low fx” sometimes doesn’t work and i have to reswitch it, i would suggest to turn off the background animations which appears during startup and while in the main menu whenever user set the graphic options to “low fx”. This will significanlly improve our iDevice to run the game a bit faster and smoother of course. :confounded:
  2. Controller; okay this one is a must to improve, why? because the one we have now is too small even with “Large” options, so the larger the better it should be.
  3. Improve the “EXP” bar and removed it to the HP & MP bar
  4. Disable “Setup Assets” or hide it or make it a bit faster; this is the most annoying parts where DQ should be improved, taking almost forever to load and waste times, unlike Android where DQ load faster without it :angry:

Oh, if i create this topic in a wrong place please kindly removed it :smiley:


Hey! Moved to suggestions :smile: