DQ in Android M

Hi guys,

I’ve been toying with the android M preview for a couple days, and DQ runs flawlessly on it. In fact, the phone heats up significantly less!

Have a nice day

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Maybe it’s because you did a clean flash :smiley:
BTW, what’s your device?

I’m running M on a Nexus 5, 32gb edition.

I’m not sure about the clean flash and temperature relation. I have several testing devices (I’m a dev) with zero background apps, and I have played DQ on all of them, and all of them get pretty hot, even after flashing. I suppose it’s related to the new energy apis.

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Normally after a clean flash I can notice the device run faster for the first few weeks, especially on low-end devices. I don’t think you can notice this on the Nexus 5.
It’s good to know that DQ runs great on Android M :smiley:


Looking forward to when Android M rolls out to mainstream devices.