DQ Journal

This idea, rather than change current gameplay, aides gameplay by allowing you to theorycraft directly in-game!

[size=142]Introducing the Journal![/size]

[color=green][size=124]What is the Journal?[/size][/color]
The journal is a way to store notes and plans for your dream build. It comes with 3 sections: Notes, Builds, and Statistics. Furthermore, the journal is all theorycrafting while still allowing you to see some of the overall stats of the build before you make it, making theorycrafting much simpler.

[color=green][size=124]Where can I find the Journal?[/size][/color]
The journal is can be accessed from the legend codex. The actual location depends on the devs, but I was thinking of a clickable journal icon on the contents page of the codex. Do note that the journal has its own ui; it isn’t simply an info tab like most of the codex.

[color=green][size=124]Sections of the Journal[/size][/color]
This section is very basic. It consists of 3-5 pages of empty text boxes where you can jot down any ideas you have. You can also use it as a way to record data about DQ or (for play testers), jot down bugs that you may forget about later. Overall, you use the notes page to write whatever you need to remember for later for DQ. Heck, you could even write your HW assignments there if you wanted, it’s your personal notes after all :wink:! I would (personally) advise against offensive and other such material here, but since it is your notes that are private, I guess it would not matter. You (obviously) cannot sue DQ if any notes you write in the journal were to be used against you in a court case.[/li]
This is by far the most important (and interesting) part of the journal. This section allows you to save up to 3 builds for PvE and 3 for PvP. When I talk about builds in this paragraph, I meant theorycrafting builds, not actual builds; you still have to farm the materials for the planned build if you actually want to use it. Once you tap on one of the build slots, a user interfaces with 7 (8 for PvP) boxes appear. Each box has 6 lines for affixes and an area to select the talent, pet skill, trophy skill, or primary skill of the item. You simply tap a line or tap an area and a GUI will guide you through the neccessary steps! You press a save button that will save then save the changes you made (back discards changes).[/li]
This screen gives you a theoretical overview of a build. Choose a build slot then scroll through the stats. Don’t give full stats, just overall numbers (~HP, ~MP, Skill List, and DMG for each skill).[/li][/ol]

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Steiger’s already planning something about a theorycrafting feature, but it’s gonna take a while, it’s not really a -1 to your suggestion (except I find these ideas a bit useless, especially if steiger makes his calculator :dieter:

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