DQ open world game idea or a DQ mod for an existing open world simulator game like Minecraft where anything is possible

This I just came up with after playing a bit of Minecraft and seeing the mods in action. If I get the chance to learn some code to mod the existing Minecraft game or create a new game entirely, that would be awesome. This could even be an idea for a DQ who knows what in the future. It would of course be a PC mod for a PC game because I didn’t think far enough. These links contain everything I could think of with the idea.

Obviously there can be design constrsints but it’s good to reach for the stars with initial ideas before you start trying to put them into practise.

Still if it was possible , a DQ open world would be awesome mobile or PC edition, I don’t care. It obviously wouldn’t be exactly the same as DQ but it would still possibly be a fun game and it sure as hell would be addictive and immersive. That’s added to the fun of DQ calculations of making a cool build. There could be issue of lag but ill keep being optimistic about the idea.

When I thought of this idea, was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to write things down. Even if I couldn’t make this now, it’s a possible idea for game designing in the future if I ever think about being game designer. Maybe the engines could definitely be capable of making such a game . I’m unsure though but since DQ feels like such a good game, I have a feeling that it could still be such a good game, even in the open world genre.

What topic should this be in ?

time to create a story line / 5 mini map where you can grind and build home :smiley:

Lol. Good one. I’m not really good at making stories but a good looking story would be cool. Good writing and implementation definitely.

without story is fine for me as long as we have a quest to do as get some good rewards :sunglasses:

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Ok cool. I still haven’t 100% fully thought of the DQ mod for Minecraft or the open world game idea but I definitely feel confident that it would be a fun gamemode.
I mean there would be survival to get to the stage of DQ crafting, possible fun multiplayer in DQ gear, building g houses out of DQ dimension materials, possibly craft own dungeon and more. For the Dungeon structures and boss battles, I’d have to manually build in the Minecraft Game which would be challenging but if successful, the design would be great.

For the cartographers in an open world DQ mod for games like Minecraft, well I am not sure what drop they’d get because of the fact that there’s already a cartographer in Minecraft. That cartographer isn’t an enemy though but it does trade maps to specific location . I was thinking the DQ cartographer in that game could drop a map to navigate the 4 DQ dimension and find the bosses like Limorex, Malium Anguish, Nix Gigas and Ignis strongholds/temples/dungeons. Maybe they could also have the rare drop of packsize % stone and other map affix stones which can put their effect radius at up to 100x100 or 1000x1000 area (1000 block by 1000 is same as 1000 meters by 1000 meters in digital conversion). Since there’s no maps because having a procedural generation of like 16 colours for potential dungeon dimensions or so would be tough. Then again, if dungeon random spawn rates are common, each dungeon could look procedurally generated to some level of unique like green fire, blue lava, dark dungeon, etc. Mobs in Minecraft don’t spawn in location where torches and sources of light are placed and this would be the case for DQ mob which would cause no headache to the survived sheltering from the violent mobs the first night as there’s night and day 10 mins each cycle.

As for shrines and shrine pools. Well I only just thought of this now but I think shrines would be a random structure in the massive world which generate in any dimension to aid your adventures. Often in a dungeon lol. The item drops one would add more item drops which adds extra item drops in background. Luck one and gold find one which is green is self explanatory. Shrine pools to regen all your HP is a good option with the temporary option to add higher regen for a minute or 2. The enemy summon shrine summon enemies and the EXP shrine. Since hunter mythic would be in this game, you can summon epic enemies since enemies do come in ranks like DQ.

For the HP and mana system would require crazy changes to the Minecraft for the Mod to work but I can see it being done. Maybe a stat page would be there lol which could be in book as a crafting recipe and all. Minecraft does have hunger bar which is dependent on food and if not full, you no longer regen hp naturally. Since that’s an existing mechanic, I’d probably have to make it so it buffs the regen from the hunger bar and probably makes it even slower to run out as one of the DQ affix abilities.

So much potential. If I had no gold left to respawn on the same location I died or close enough proximity where there’s survivable land, it would transport me to a bed or first spawn point in the Minecraft world or it could be hardcore mode where the world deleted if you run out of gold to respawn.

And this is just the tip of the ice berg I guess. Brainstorming so many ideas for an open world DQ mod. Also each world can have unique seed so you can get lucky at spawn or unlucky for the challenges and also because of cool looking spawns.
Since it’s open world,you can destroy and create blocks , destroy for mining, create to get better stuff. That mean enemies could destroy the ground like meteor ,certain skills , put fire everywhere to burn forests , explode the ground and other fun ways to battle those enemies.
Of course cool quests to do are also a great idea. Maybe for the tutorial to the mod and probably quest for boss battle in DQ and other things.

If the mod idea does come into fruition by coding, I can think it would be a fun addition to an open world simulator. Would also be a cool let’s play series and for watching me fails lol. I had so much fun thinking up these things. :smile: .

it will be a good idea at grinding for a open world that has no monster but full of traps like poison lake, meteor rain, and othet stuff that will make it harder to grind at each map that has some unique / extremely rare Item

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Cool idea. Well each map means each dimension or biome. Basically have a weather system composed of all those things apart from the normal rain, thunder and sun weather system. If it’s a place with no monster but you have all those traps, that could be like a special dimension, a certain type of dungeon or a biome to add for finding a unique rare item. Minecraft has many biomes to survive in , each with their harshness and benefits with of course getting such cool rare items.

Packsize of enemies in itself is also deadly because of the high Dmg they deal. The poison enemies if you don’t have the resist or a milk bucket/potion to clear the effect, the poison would clear all your hearts, especially in 8 seconds. I didn’t think of how I’d put resists in the game but resist poison can be reduce duration of poison and Dmg. Shock will deal stack debuff unless you avoid attack but shock resist could reduce debuff and reduce dmg. Fire resist can reduce fire dmg (there is already a potion called fire resistance that makes you immune to fire). Of course there’s bleed dot that lasts 10 seconds which is possible to add so fire resist can reduce fire dmg, reducing bleed dot and shorten bleed dot duration for this mod. Ice resist could just be reduce slowness duration and ice dmg. In Minecraft , you can clear debuffs or dot by milk bucket or endure it. Golden Apple gives you extra hearts and regen for some seconds.
Of course there is water breathing potion, fire resistence for immune to fire, speed potion which can be useful to out best slowness effect as well as move speed affix which can be considered a natural speed buff and for the poison, the hunger bar rapidly regenerates hearts when you are full and not starving in game but it’s deadly when you get hit by mobs and the possible damage.
Attack speed can usually only be gotten as haste effect from a beacon but attack speed on gear can be different. Of course attack speed means faster attack and it usually only work at very little CD. The haste effect also make you mine materials faster.
There is an effect called resistence where you are immune to everything but it’s a cheat effect that’s only possible by cheats.

Also that idea where you can grind with no monster but it still tricky is nice. Minecraft has 4 difficulty mode. 1 is peaceful where no enemy except bosses spawn. Easy mode enemies spawn but they have less HP and less attack (in Minecraft the hp stay same but attack power of enemy don’t). Also there’s normal mode which makes it slightly harder but normal. Hard mode is comparable to mythic mode , even in the actual unmodded game of Minecraft.
The hp system in Minecraft is 10 hearts which is 20 HP and most mobs have 20-100HP. If the DQ mobs could get 1000 HP or more up to millions, the player HP can also be starting at 1000 or 500 at level 1 and goes above. The hearts would be replaced by a bar which is actually very doable. Mana system can be added of course. There is also a second mod where it shows the HP of the enemies because normally Minecraft hides the HP and the exact dmg you are doing. If that’s also the case, DQ weapons at level 1 could deal 100 dmg or so each and level 100 deal x million of dmg.

For actually summoning meteor, torrent and all those skill, I think they would have cool 3D animation and sounds but they will damage any territory unless that area is protected from destruction using server commands which would come in handy as a battle arena mode. Some servers can just be a factions server or a survival server where you work for the materials before you go into arena but that’s purely choice as you can also transfer single player data as battle arena data for the mod even though it would get to level 20. Obsidian blocks (not the crystal one, the one made by water+lava) are immune to explosions though. Bedrock is immune to everything even breaking but it can only be broke by cheat mode.

For elemental crit, fire could be add an extra duration of fire and Dmg. Ice could be freeze me in place which can be done by reducing move speed by -100% or more move speed or putting slowness effect to a crazy amount. You can get frozen in physical ice blocks as an idea as well but they can be broken by explosive skills and mining but the enemies aren’t usually good at that unless it’s a fury who lands on it which is alternative to extreme slowness for x seconds. Poison elemental crit can be poison cloud which is totally possible as a lingering effect which lasts 8 seconds or so which also multiplies on poison dot . Arcane elemental crit being lots of elemental purple orbs circling like an orbit also a cool idea which can definitely be good as Aoe.
Every set and affix in DQ would be added , albeit less broken or different due to the Minecraft Game mechanics.

There’s so much idea but that’s cool. 1 yard is almost one meter in real life so I think that can be doable. 1 block is 1 meter each so it would be simple to do yard effects and skills. Pickup Radius default in that game is 1 block. 1 block is a meter but it’s also m³ each. Hit frequency can be doable too.

Well, the fan made story of Nadroji could be fine, I guess.

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Also, I’ve found your idea pretty cool ; I’d love to play a Minecraft DQ Mod !
But I couldn’t help on building this, I’m only a 2nd year business student with no experience in programming… :frowning:

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I have no experience in programming Minecraft mods but they are coded in Java. Java isn’t the hardest language of programming thankfully.

Why? Minecraft PC is built on Java code while the other Minecraft editions are in C++. Also there are command blocks in game that allow people to create in-game modifications without external programs (or sometimes an external programs to draw new blocks/textures).

Pokémon Red was purely made by command blocks (thousands of command blocks and 2 years of programming). That alone was an amazing feat that nobody could have imagined. Sure it won’t be getting to the DQ level of pgameplay through that method but you can make Minecraft into DQ by modifying existing elements.

Many mods programmed by command blocks in comparison take maybe a few months or at least one year to make. I’ve seen many modpacks as Inspiration.

But maybe I could do the Fanmade story in the game lol.

Another thing is that Minecraft has an advancement system where you can craft your own recipes and make a custom map in some way easier but there will still be in game or external programming. If I’m not lazy, I should look up how to code the game to modify it . Well that’s a new feature which may make my dream idea become easier to complete.

However for structures like entire dungeons and even dimensions, I’d have to actually build them in game and for the dimensions in game, I would have to mess around with some code.

Good thing my IT Course teachs programming to get me into it. Also great that the course puts emphasis on business because IT/computing tends to be a major part of business and it is predicted that technology sectors will grow massively. I’m not experienced in business yet though, let alone even have a job yet.

My YouTube channel has grown nicely though. Never expected 25 subscribers :smile: . I may polish up my YouTube recording skills and make myself want to record more to make more videos (un-monetised because I have no bank account to store it in yet).

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