DQ Slack Group

Hello, members of the DQuniverse!

Have you ever wished that you could better connect with your fellow DQ players? Have you ever wished that you could receive a quicker response to a question? Worry and want no more! DQ on Slack is here!

Just in case you are unsure of what Slack is, here is a link to the website:

To join this chat full of all your DQ buddies, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Download Slack.
  2. Send me a private message on the forums that goes a little like this: “Hey, buddy ol’ pal, here’s my email address: blahblahblah@blah.com. I’d love to connect with these wonderful people!”*
  3. Check your email for the details on the group.
  4. Make your way through Slack’s interface to the DQ group.
  5. Enjoy and be nice!

*If you’re curious as to why I require your email address, look into it on the website. It’s the only way for me to invite you.

I look forward to your collective interest!





There are many of us in the group already!

Active members of the community such as @Griffin012, @Mr_Scooty, @Msiiek, @CuzegSpiked, @Dust, and more have joined!

We would love to have all of you join, so please consider it.


Twenty members and counting!

Come join the conversation and game-help!

Everyone is welcome.


DM Griffin or I if you would like to participate.


Bumperoonies for new Patcheroonies!

Also I am the griffin that skaul refers to in the last post join our legion }:3


Bumpiddy bumpo bump

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Bumpero! Come join! All are welcome.

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Hey! With the new patch coming out and everybody’s excitement at max, now’s the perfect time to join the crew! Shoot me or @Griffin a message with your email and join everyone now! Meet the mods :wink: