DQ Slack Group


Hello, members of the DQuniverse!

Have you ever wished that you could better connect with your fellow DQ players? Have you ever wished that you could receive a quicker response to a question? Worry and want no more! DQ on Slack is here!

Just in case you are unsure of what Slack is, here is a link to the website:

To join this chat full of all your DQ buddies, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Download Slack.
  2. Send me a private message on the forums that goes a little like this: “Hey, buddy ol’ pal, here’s my email address: blahblahblah@blah.com. I’d love to connect with these wonderful people!”*
  3. Check your email for the details on the group.
  4. Make your way through Slack’s interface to the DQ group.
  5. Enjoy and be nice!

*If you’re curious as to why I require your email address, look into it on the website. It’s the only way for me to invite you.

I look forward to your collective interest!


Any improvements i can do to my build




There are many of us in the group already!

Active members of the community such as @Griffin012, @Mr_Scooty, @Msiiek, @CuzegSpiked, @Dust, and more have joined!

We would love to have all of you join, so please consider it.



Twenty members and counting!

Come join the conversation and game-help!

Everyone is welcome.


DM Griffin or I if you would like to participate.


Bumperoonies for new Patcheroonies!

Also I am the griffin that skaul refers to in the last post join our legion }:3


Bumpiddy bumpo bump


Bumpero! Come join! All are welcome.


Hey! With the new patch coming out and everybody’s excitement at max, now’s the perfect time to join the crew! Shoot me or @Griffin a message with your email and join everyone now! Meet the mods :wink: