DQ Storyline submission

Since I read posts talking about a DQ story, and since I like to write, I thought I’d take a stab at a short storyline for DQ.

This is NOT official.

The DQ management is free to use this writing if they choose. If not, it is simply for the enjoyment of all.

A devastating evil has invaded the lands.

Creatures roused by monstrous leaders have entrenched across the world. Cursed holdings have been established from the fetid jungles to the arid wastelands, from the highest fridged peaks to the molten depths of the world.

Armies marched against the invaders and were summarily destroyed. Rumors of horrendous tortures enacted upon the once loyal soldiers to turn them into evil minions themselves returned to strike terror in the survivors.

The leaders of the world gathered thier broken forces and joined allegiances. A last bastion of humanity remained. Those able began to rebuild the armies, but time was needed.

An elder wizard proposed a plan to gain this time. With his powers he could open portals into the domains of the evil empire. Volunteers could go through and distract the evil armies until the human forces could assemble.

The summons went out far and wide, by messengers and by magical means. Heroes were needed and asked to answer the call to save humanity. To fight this evil in its very home.

Many answered. Many were never heard from again. Few returned, battered and broken. Even fewer told tales of horrible monsters and of fabulous wealth and items of unrivaled power.

Those rebuilding worked furiously and hoped that each of the new arrivals to the portals would succeed in not only distracting the evil, but defeating it in its own lair.

Would such a hero ever appear?

Most impressive.


Very nice story :smiley: