DQ Suggestion

Hi DQ Devs.
I have been playing this game for almost a month now and I’m really enjoying it that I almost forgot the time that pass by. I share this game to my co-work mates and they also love playing it and start grinding their own character to the max. please note some of our suggestion.

Batte Arena

  • Search feature = finding friend/opponent by searching their character name.
  • Able to add friend/opponent to your buddylist.
  • Guild/Clan Feature = create/join a Guild.


  • Add more Boss Dungeons, Reward: Eternal/Mythic Items.
  • Multiplayer gaming, connects to other player in leveling and doing quest, challenge maps
  • Trading System: able to share, trade or sell your items to other players.

I know Dungeon Quest is different to other games, but we hope some of our suggestions will be implemented soon.
More Power Dungeon Quest / DQ Developers!!! :smile: :smile: :smile:


please check the other posts about suggestions similar to yours and PLEASE read the answers. this way you can see the devs’ views on these suggestions

Very agree on this!!!

1st to Admin …I…
2nd I play this game long time and its no good playing solo i play DB DB2 and DB3 live play with mates are the best not AI or Bots
3rd Not mmoarpg just 1 live plays with friends its best

Hi there please refrain from “necroposting” as we like too call it this is when someone posts on a topic older then from this or the last patch (2.1 and 2.2 in this case) and that topic hasn’t been maintained it keeps the confusion too a minimum :smile: (it’s ok that you didn’t know that we don’t expect new people to :wink:) If you’d like too create a brand new topic with some feature suggestions though that would be awesome :grin: :+1:

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