DQ survey

a survey for my fellow dq players. in this way devs would know how we feel and satisfy we are about the game also know the areas which are need some improvement.
please rate the according sentences bellow about dq from 1-4. you are also allowed to put suggestions.
ex. 1. rate 4(needs to fix lots pf bugs)

1= needs improvement
2= good
3= very good
4= perfect/excelent


  1. Graphics and animation
  2. Items and affixes
  3. maps (dungeons)
  4. skills
  5. classes
  6. vanities/costumes
  7. Items shop
  8. Ascension
  9. Pve gameplay
  10. Pvp gameplay
  11. elements
  12. codex

sample ans. ( ex. 1. rate 3 )

  1. 3
  2. 1

You skipped ten.


  1. Graphics and animation - 4

  2. Items and affixes - 4

  3. maps (dungeons) - 4 ; actually something that i dislike are the maps that are very dark and i cannot see stuff, i don’t know if it is intentional or not, but even with full brightness, i can barely see visually.

  4. skills - 4;

  5. classes - 3 ; I wouldn’t mind additional classes except there will need to be good balancing.

  6. vanities/costumes - 1; On this one, i know that if we get more vanities, you might not have time to do updates but, i wouldn’t mind some new refreshing vanities to choose from.

  7. Items shop - 3; it’s pretty good, especially for newbies

  8. Ascension - 3;

  9. Pve gameplay - 2; Abit dull sometimes, I have no suggestions yet though

  10. Pvp gameplay - 3; it’s pretty good

  11. elements - 4; I know people have been asking for dark/light element, and it does probably compliment the Angelic/Demonic theme anyways, but it’s pretty optional to me, other than aesthethics. Though a suggestion i would like to make is maybe disable element glow clientside? I like to keep all my graphic settings to the lowest so that I can play longer, that is most likely why I never wear any of my vanities except for my weapon skin.

  12. codex - 4; It’s a 4, it’s farming which is cool, maybe have a change every ‘Season’, where we have different tasks per season? I don’t know…wouldn’t make sense but it’s whatever.

PS: number system is bugged(probably because of the auto numbered list)…look v

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  1. Graphics and Animation -4; I’m more than happy about it.

  2. Items and affixes- 3

  3. Maps (Dungeons) - 4; Awesome.

  4. Skills - 3; They are pretty functional and you can make many different builds with those skills but one thing that doesn’t make sense for me is timewarp having 100% oh dmgm The timewarp doesn’t even do damage as far as I observed and hero point buffs the 100% oh dmg that doesn’t dmg at all.

  5. Classes - 3

  6. Vanities and costumes -4

  7. Items Shop - 2; it’s good for anyone, even newbies. Me personally, it’s good if I wanted a higher chance of finding eternals, crystal legends or a specific legend. That ultra rare crystal jasper icon though I don’t think is worth it for 1 ultra rare crystal when 500k gold for an ultra rare crystal on eternal is much better price. That’s why I skip a potential obsidian that I can already easily get anyway. The eternals/crystal legends I can get for a cheap or expensive price from cheap or expensive items.

  8. Ascension- 4; Definitely love it now. It is tedious for sure but not as tedious as when it was first introduced to me. At least I can easily get 250% exp gain and get high ascension like up to eternal as quickly as I imagined. Those perks are way more than worth it.

  9. PVE -3

  10. PVP -3

  11. Elements -3; I think elements are great. I know arcane is quite weak on its own atm as well as shock but time will tell about future updates to elements. Apart from some weaknesses that can make life harder, all the elements are pretty great. The elements is why I’m playing the game for longer.

  12. Codex- 3; pretty good. I know there are outdated description or confusing description in some areas but overall, it is very reliable still and hopefully they get updated.
    Looking constantly at Mythics section to craft the mythics I want; and legendex is reliable to see which legends you really want for a particular feature such as: 100% ed, 100% wd, clearcast, killswitch, mirrorcast, epiphany, defiant, berserker, mashochism, mayhem, malestrom, eternalized, crystalline, nadroji, etc. Useful for farming, pvp and pve.
    Having new legends is joyful too and the legend pet system is good. One thing I do think could be nice is for legend pets is to be able to jasper them to change talents to different classes if you need them.

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Great survey! Interested to know what more people think :smile:

  1. 4
  2. 4
  3. 3 (Maybe adds some more variables)
  4. 3~4 (4 cause it’s sweet, 3 cause would be nice having some more)
  5. 3~4 (Same as skills)
  6. 3 (Would be nice have trillions of vanity so ppl would be sometimes unic)
  7. 4
  8. 4 (Maybe even with only 6 ascencions but have something like 12 choices so ppl wouldn’t be aways full at the end, would need to choose.)
  9. 4 (Addicted, haha)
  10. 4 (Pretty good to climp, plays 20~50 matchs a day is aways good, don’t get too boring)
  11. 4 (But how other things, would be nice have some more to make more diferent builds in game)
  12. 4 (Maybe put some secret achivs?)
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  1. 3
  2. 3
  3. 3
  4. 3
  5. 3
  6. 2
  7. 2
  8. 3
  9. 3
  10. 3
  11. 3
  12. 2
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  1. 4 (add function to see tranquil colors. Always seeing red make my eyes sore)
  2. 3 (Add more items :grin: )
  3. 2 (add more settings like riverside, temples, town, space(?), something soothing to the eyes)
  4. 3 (boost/rework some skills? 'cause some are rarely used)
  5. 3 (add more)
  6. 3 (add more)
  7. 3 (Shop’s not useful for me)
  8. 4 (All my characters are nearing Eternal ascension. Hope there will be more soon!)
  9. 3 (Make more deadly enemies wahahaha)
  10. 4 (I don’t play PvP…yet)
  11. 4 (Already complete for me)
  12. 2 (Affixes can still be described exhaustively)

Appreciation - DQ is the only game I’ve ever purchased something, not once but four times!!!. You got me on the character slot purchase. I’m a type of player who collects every character and item.
Thank you! More power DQ team!
ralfh the Eternal Hunter

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  1. Graphics and animation - 4. Just perfect.

  2. Items and affixes - 4. A lot of items and even more combinations to choose from.

  3. Maps (dungeons) - 3. I would like to see more “good” map affixes, ie. map size, guaranteed eternal item or such.

  4. Skills - 4.

  5. Classes - 3.

  6. Vanities/costumes - 4.

  7. Items shop - 3.

  8. Ascension - 4.

  9. Pve gameplay - 3. Events like “Castle siege”, or this “How many waves can you survive” thing would be awesome. Current pve is nice, but like with everything else, you get used to it :smile:

  10. Pvp gameplay - 2. Its frustrating that only way I can have any chance to play against my friends is to get into Eternal league and just hope I will face them one time. “Play against a friend” or some form of “Clan” would be great.

  11. Elements - 3. Very nice, but there could be also some Dark/Light elements like there are Demonic/Angelic vanities.

  12. Codex - 3. I like to use it, even if there are outdated things (ie I think there isnt the “500 level is max crystal rarity” tip in the codex, but I see it sometimes before starting a map)

  13. IAPs - 4. I love when a game is not “Pay to win” but only “Pay to look nice” or “Pay to speed some things up”