DQ Upload/Download

Hello Support/peeps,

I was think if the char progress counld’t be connected to our google accounts? Some how a friend of mine fucked my account up and i lost my 2 charachters…
I have already sended a email to support.

But maybe in the future we could connect our charachters to google or maybe make a little more solid upload/download meganisme.



Upload and download is perfectly stable and solid.
How it is set up now, avoids misuse or ‘cheating’, depending how you want to call it.
If its not broken, don’t try to fix it … As the saying goes.

No disrespect, but why would you let " a friend " screw with your account ?
Luckily we have awesome devs, who will try their hardest to fix it for you, but if I had to be harsh and fair, I would say user error is simply that, and it should go to the bottom of the list!
While the dev team are fixing user errors, they are having to take time away from making the game, delaying the updates for the rest of us.
Like I said, harsh but fair :wink:

You are right about that. It was the first and last time he would touch it again.
Indeed the devs are awesome! I think i’m just really unlucky in this situation!