Dq2 and public testing?

heya @tdaniel and @SteigerBox

will y’all be inviting members to participate in any closed testing of dq2 before release?

<<— this guys interested ALOT :slight_smile:


Yup, the plan is to have all sorts of beta testing.

Our forum has a great mix of different players, so it will be a perfect place for us to look for volunteers. The forum will be the first to know about testing when the time comes!




Me too pretty please lol :wink:


Can we fly in this game? if you bring wing skins back now we should have better gaming mechanic dont we? I want this gameto be gta of rpgs pure freedom along with friends hehe :wink: taunts joke animations stewpid stuff. I want people record fun moments in this game like kshaway does wood division adventures in league of legends… dont you worry we will make you richer than ea capitalists. Just entertain the wild crowd :))

Hello there again, i’ll try it here
Any new news about DQ2? What’s about the open beta :pleading_face:? Any new plans or infos? Anything :frowning::hatching_chick:?

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Here are some points to make dq2 perfect in my opinion:

  1. that you can still play offline

  2. don’t make him pay to win

  3. other languages ​​including Spanish which is my native language

  4. add some online options like the coliseum some city where you can make exchanges with other players

  5. add many other classes and skill tree or something like that to find many ways to design your character available

  6. that they find many more designs of weapons and armor I mean the aspect that this would make the game take up more space but personally I have no problem with that

  7. make it free this is important add the typical purchases like wings and things for the characters the boosts and all that

  8. constant content updates

I think that’s all that for the moment in my opinion are important things that should be added to dq2 I hope you read me xDD


I want to participate too hehe if you may😊

Can i contribute to this beta testing? I love this game more than any other offline game except for pvz 2 heheh


Put my name in the list please :nerd_face:!

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Make the pvp feel great again!


count me in.:ok_hand:

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