DQ2 Offline or Online?


I need an answer???


If you mean will it have online co-op and real time PVP, yes that is the plan.


Wow real time PVP that nice!! How about the farming/campaign online or offline? Any particular date of release?


Cool, a mention of DQ2!!!

Is there an eta for DQ2? One year, 2? Sooner?! :upside_down_face:



That’s cool.


Cant wait to play .


I have a wishlist. 1 cloak for warrior. 2 a crossbow for rogue 2.5 rotateable new game modes such as battle royale or 5 player survival 3 eyecandy visual effects 4 old players from eternal league top 1 will have a big rune stone where their names written on it in the new game 5 element welding like in solomons keep from raptisoft 6 a lot of new spells and new classes 7 a big bad boss to stomp on and get endgame quality good gear 8: make battle arena skill dependent no immortal builds allowed all classes may fight equally 9 add mounts such as chinese dragons or unicorns like in conquer online. —— thats all for now


It would be cool if you could play it both onlinends and offline and have the one time per character option of creating there own random personal mythword which other players can unlock if they put the right combos in


I also like those types of co-op benefits! I do think it could be a fun gameplay element that depending on who is playing with you in the game certain parts of the game world change.


You can play offline if you cannot afford Internet. Then access a free WiFi spot to play online. Everyone in the universe is included. Make all in game purchases vanity. The ultimate vanity is an exclusive eternal etc bearing your own name.


Yes. That sounds awesome!


How about 6 socketed eternal everything that can be crafted with anything and rolled with any crystal. You only get one


like a rare Christmas gift. but what if you don’t get good rolls on the affixes? a wasted Christmas gift. sure, some people will end up blessed by the spirit of Christmas RNG with 6 good rolls, but most people will probably end up with 1-3 good rolls, and some with nothing they can use, or affixes they are not interested in building around. now if it was a rare item that has half the chance to drop than Eternal Pets do, that would be interesting.


How about this. Everyone can create a legend item but those stats can be eternalized once for each character in game purchase and the eternal is readily findable in everyone’s codex


like a one shot customizable Eternal item that needs to be purchased like an extra char slot? the Dev’s would have to fix it so it could only be purchased once, and then lock it in the Codex so you couldn’t use dust to get more of them. a very unique item. it would need a disclaimer stating that you need to have played DQ for at least 3 months and have a good understanding of game mechanics before you make the purchase. no refunds or starting over. think about it. even people who have played for a long time are still making new builds and coming up with new ideas. an item like this might be good for awhile, but if you don’t plan well or have a good understanding of the game, an item like this would end up wasted, sitting in your stash or sold to make room for a better normal Eternal item. :wink:


A codex created by the players. Sounds good to me


Customisable eternal item except that affixes cannot be removed and cannot be levelled but anything can be put as it starts off empty but you adding amethyst , ruby , obsidian and stuff. Interesting for a one shot customisable eternal. I’m not sure if this is the great idea but sounds interesting from you . Avoiding pay to win would be nice though. I mean it would likely only be used in one build which would make that one build super good or unbalanced but its still a huge deal in game.

It would be like deciding whether to use it for farming, floor climbing or PvP though so one time use but hmm…


Finaly good news!!!


I know. do you use it for PVE climbing/farming or PVP? a farming build would be best, because climbing and PVP are always changing. you would have to make an item that could be used in many different climbing or PVP builds, basically a Personal Crafted Eternal Item, Unique that acts like a Chimera item usable in many different builds. maybe it wouldn’t work too well in DQ, but maybe something that could be implemented in DQ2? (:laughing: I got the thread back on track :smiley_cat:)


Regarding Chimera @Golem I just jasperd an eternal warrior class furor into a wizard shield with 10 to spirit master skills, 20 to mana shield and an empty socket… wow…try it