DQ2 Offline or Online?


I haven’t done much Jaspering, but I wonder if anyone knows when you do, do the Talents from one class convert to the same Talents of the new class all the time, or to random Talents, or Talents in the same Talent tree (Talent tree 1, 2, or 3, for example). plus, I wonder what the Talent system will be like in DQ2.


They convert to the equivalent talent’s of the new class. Same with skill affixes


For example all berserker becomes all spiritmancer skills when converting from warrior to wizard and the reverse. 20 to meteor on a staff becomes 20 to whirling blades if jaspered into a chakram. I think someone should make a conversion table to make life easier. Hinting at @CuzegSpiked :wink:


I remember seeing a conversion table but it only showed weapons which hinted at skills but I could make the conversion table for the talents if you wanted (though I find the results feel random so it might be tricky).


I know about the all skill tree conversions, I was wondering about individual Talents. like Wrath to Focus to Illusion. specific or random?


Specific .


thanks. I guess I’ll have to pay more attention when I Jasper items.