Dragons! new movement & end stats

What’s a Dungeon without a dragon?
That’s the only thing really missing from the magical game. There’s fairies goblins and ogres why not dragons?
Can y’all add an options for the new movement pad it gets annoying to keep during on limerox cause I can’t keep moving lol I really liked it how it was and is there no way to go back to it?

Also at the end of each map there should be an end stats as of how much gold collected epix, crystals and DPS as well as monsters killed and so forth. I also believe there should be a timer on it so we can sew how long we have been on a map or dungeon for instance just like the PvP one just going up not down. :slight_smile: thanks and don’t forget the Dragon idea even if they are just pets lol thanks for the awesome game and good luck I hope I have helped.